WJN Ambassador Program

We are seeking Ambassadors just about everywhere. We actually mean it - everywhere. This year we have taken a big step and we’ve covering new countries, territories and regions all around the world. From London to Israel, Denmark and Southern Africa. We’re growing and we need industry professionals to join our mission.

Whether you are an emerging designer, a CEO, a retail executive or carving your own path in the trade, the WJN is seeking Ambassadors who wish to help other women in the jewellery sector to rise.

New Ambassadors should demonstrate an authentic passion for jewellery and be in agreement with the WJN’s new mission, vision and values.

If you align with our vision, mission and values and believe that you fit the following criteria, we would welcome your application to become part of our hand-picked global Ambassador line-up:

Socially Active: You are, or have aspirations to become, an engaged community leader and you like to get involved in your community
and connect with like-minded professionals.
Passionate: You love what you do.
You have expertise in a particular field and are proud of your expertise.
Encouraging: You understand that helping women up is better than holding them down. You are successful… and you want to inspire others become successful too!
Content Provider: You are prepared to dedicate a couple of hours a month to supporting and promoting women in the jewellery trade.

Whether that be working with our leadership team to finesse a campaign,
writing a profile piece about your specialism or helping someone in the network.

Apply now!

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