MAy 2019

I’m not saying men shouldn’t be a part of the conversation, but women need to be a bigger part of it than they are now. We need more women in leadership [positions] who represent people who buy jewelry.

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JanUARY 2019

Women’s Jewellery Network Reveals vision for 2019

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The bold image stating #NoGlassCeiling has been shared widely by those working in the UK jewelry trade, through social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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DECember 2017

The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN), a UK-wide organisation designed to connect, grow and inspire women working in the jewellery trade, has announced its first regional ambassadors.

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aPRIL 2018

Women’s Jewellery Network names ethics and sustainability ambassador.

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The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN), a new organisation designed to connect, grow & inspire women in the industry, will make its debut at International Jewellery London (IJL) in September.

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