Our Campaigns

We started life on social media, as a collective of followers, when a brave trio dared to launch hashtag campaigns that were purposefully outspoken and thought provoking.

Our first campaign, #NoGlassCeiling got everybody fired up. We launched events off the back of that campaign, they were controversial, and a sell out success. We knew we were onto something.

Our follow up, #SheDressedMe was widely adopted by those who attended the UK’s coveted UK Jewellery Awards, it trended within its own story.

We know we can make a difference and there is more to us than you might think. The dream was always to be global. We’re more than #hashtags.

We have become an amplified voice of women in the global jewellery industry and we’re ready to take up the challenge to strive to deliver our organisational values.

See you at the boardroom table.




What started as one woman’s idea turned into ambitious trio heading up a global movement.



Founding Ambassadors

The original ambassadors who believed in our vision from day 1.




Our Ambassador network is a huge deal to us and we have some big names with us. Our strategy is to have Regional Ambassadors to respond to local needs. Sector specific professionals to assist with particular challenges and Global Ambassadors to help with world domination.