1. What is the story behind the Love, Me collection and campaign?

Love, Me has been inspired through past experiences of my own and women who I know and love, where we have been left undervalued and questioning ourselves. Whether that be abusive relationships, issues with family members or not being supported by those closest to you. Encouraging women to fall in love with themselves and believe in themselves is a passion of mine and creating this ring is a way of tying that in with my passion for jewellery design.

2. The launch and messaging around Love, Me feels very timely – who are you targeting with the range and how are you reaching them?

The campaign is aimed at women all over the world who either need a daily reminder that everything they need is within themselves or who just want to make a statement to the world that they are truly happy with themselves. We’re currently trialling how best to reach our audience but we’re getting a good response through social media and the videos we release.

3. Do you feel the way women approach buying jewellery is changing, as well as what jewellery 'means' to women?

Yes, I do. I feel as though more women buy jewellery for themselves now and no longer wait for it to be bought for them, which is exciting. I think it’s important for women to feel confident enough to invest in themselves.

I have noticed women no longer want to be defined by the rings worn on our ring fingers. I think our jewellery represents different chapters in our lives, our jewellery tells our personal stories and makes a statement about who we are as people rather than who we’re with.

4. Can you tell us more about the use of lab-grown diamonds for this collection – why lab-growns? (will we see the collection evolve further from here?)

I chose to work with lab-grown diamonds for this collection because if we’re going to change the world, then we could do with being more environmentally friendly as well. Not only is this collection kind to us but it’s also kinder to the planet.

The collection will definitely evolve from here, we plan on releasing one signature, limited edition piece each year.

5. As a woman making her mark in the UK industry, and with a clear aim to hold other women up and support them, what are your hopes for the future of the industry / your own work and development?

I simply hope to see more women believing in themselves and their abilities. For a long time, I have been too cautious about expressing my opinion in the industry, sharing my achievements and stories and to a certain extent, approaching suppliers, because I was worried I would be seen as a young ‘girl’ who didn’t know what she was talking about. I’ve decided to kick that fear to the curb, and I hope other women can do the same.

For myself, I hope to create a wild ripple effect of women choosing to love themselves and put themselves first with the ‘Love, Me’ campaign. All while I grow my couture fine jewellery collections and portfolio of bespoke jewellery designs. I have high hopes for the brand I am building.

Victoria McKay